Marvellous & Easy to Maintain 3BHK in Palava City

Swapna & Rajesh Muley needs to create a home with perfectly crafted and premium design that’s why they handover their house appearance to us. Craftisan also designs the same output to meet the client’s expectation. The main challenged was to feed the creativity in the design as client requirement. Our interior designer works against the clock to make something beyond the expectation. This project proves how hard we work to make a winsome design.

  • Location: Golf Link, Palava City
  • Budget: 25 Lakhs
  • Area: 1500 sq.ft
  • Designer: Ramratan Suthar
  • Crafted by: Craftisan
  • Owner: Swapna & Rajesh Muley
  • Duration: 4 Months