Fascinating Bungalow in Jalore with Contemporary Aesthetics

We all have to dream to own a house that beautiful as well as comfortable, that’s why Mr. Manish Chitod handover their dream home to Craftisan. The challenge was to utilized all the spaces and makes it comfortable. We work around the clock to meet the expectation. In the entire project we welcoming the suggestion very politely, this attitude amazes our client. we add robust material to make it more alluring and long-lasting in design. We got many appreciations for this project from clients to satisfy and meets the expectation.

  • Location: Fateh Residency, Jalore
  • Budget: 45 Lakhs
  • Area: 1700 sq.ft
  • Designer: Ramratan Suthar
  • Crafted by: Craftisan
  • Owner: Mr. Manish Chitod
  • Duration: 12 Months